Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Restaurant Rave: Joy Yee's Noodle Shop -- Chicago

Chicago, like any big city, has its fair share of good restaurants.

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop is one of them.

I've been to the Joy Yee's in Chinatown twice, and I have never been disappointed. Joy Yee's is a Pan-Asian restaurant that is famous for its bubble drinks and for its phenomenal food presentation.

If you're not quite familiar with Asian cuisine, or if you are having trouble deciding what to get, Joy Yee's takes the guess work out of ordering. Every dish they serve is shown, picture form, in their extensive menu. The one catch to this, is, that with so many choices (and so many pictures) you may get bombarded. It is best to come with friends; this way, everyone can order a different dish and share. Having friends with you can also help you from getting too stuffed-- the portion sizes are hefty.

The Joy Yee's in Chinatown is located in the China Plaza and can get quite busy-- and quite crowded. To compensate for popular demand, the restaurant provides small, square, black tables that can be arranged to provide for large or intimate groups of people. Beware that you may find yourself sitting too close to other patrons from other tables.

Don't forget to order one of their famous bubble drinks. They are a perfect way to complement a perfect Asian meal. Overall, Joy Yee's is very affordable with entree prices ranging from $8-$20; if you want to try some of their more extravagant seafood dishes, your check will depend on the market price of the fish. Joy Yee's is a great way to end a day in Chicago, to relax with good friends, or to just enjoy a fantastic meal.

Food for thought: Mr. Barack Obama

So we now have a new president elect: Barack Obama.

I was not glued to my television-- like so many others-- for election coverage last night. Instead, I engaged in the art of baking peanut butter cookies from a well-loved recipe. I found out about our new president this November morning from my neighbor's children; the kids were on their way to the bus stop chanting: "Bama Bama! Bama Bama!." later confirmed my suspicion that our new president was the Democratic nominee.

I am not a political person. The one thing that really gets my blood flowing is when people are closeminded-- about food (yes, you CAN put salt on cherries and it is DELICIOUS.) All I really heard about Barack Obama is that he is out to make changes... and that he lived in Hawaii for a period of time. All I really have to say is this: as long as I can still bake peanut butter cookies, hear the kids in my neighborhood frolic, carefree, to the bus stop, and know that my world and the world of the people around me can keep turning--without threat--then, Mr. President, you are OK by me.

Congratulations to Barack Obama. Let's hear it for the President of the United States.